Why Outsource

There are numerous advantages to an outsourcing (Build to Print) arrangement for the repeat supply mechanical, electrical and pneumatic assemblies and complete machines or systems.

Sales and Development

Focus on Sales and Development

Outsourcing with a Build to Print arrangement enables customers to concentrate on the development of their key processes and the sales of their equipment.

Fixed Costs

Fixed Costs

Once a Build to Print contract is agreed the price paid for equipment is fixed, therefore the cost base is stable.

Additional Capacity

Additional Capacity

Seasonal, economic or market trend peaks in demand can make it difficult for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to organise resources efficiently. A Build to Print agreement gives the OEM flexibility and quick access to extra capacity when required.

Specialist Skills

Access to Specialist Skills

A particular project may require specialist skills that the OEM does not maintain in-house. A Build to Print arrangement enables OEMs to access those specialist skills, such as a software engineer, on an hourly basis.


Reduced Inventory/WIP

Controlling and limiting the amount of inventory carried is critical to all companies. By entering into a Build to Print agreement, inventory levels can be reduced as we hold a stock of component parts and finished goods. These are invoiced when they are delivered to site or after an agreed period, should the demand fall below an agreed minimum volume.