Our Processes

Wire Cutting Machine

Automatic Wire Cut To Length and Strip Machines

We operate Schleuniger Wire Stripping Machines which enable the automatic cut to length and stripping of the insulation material. The machines are capable of processing cables sizes up to 6.00mm² and 999.9metres in length. The insulation can be automatically cut and stripped from the core or cut and left in situ for hand removal. We use a combination of automatic electric crimpers for larger volume works and core sizes up to 10mm² and manual crimping for lower volume and larger core sizes.



We provide a hand soldering process mainly related to the production of soldered connectors and low volume manufacture of PCBs.


Tool Calibration

All of our crimp tools are checked for function on a regular basis and the test data is kept on file. Any tools found to be outside of calibration are isolated and destroyed.


Marking Systems

We offer a host of different marking styles from the conventional cable ident marker which is hand applied to a single core, through to a durable printed marker fitted to the outside of a multicore or cable set.

Test Equipment


All cable sets are 100% tested in terms of quality of the termination and accuracy of the population of connectors. Where applicable a specialist test box will be produced to allow the test to be undertaken efficiently and effectively.

Wire Cutting Machine

Costing System

We have developed a bespoke software database for the costing of harness sets which draws upon an archive of standard materials costs and base process times, the software ensures that we offer a consistent and competitive price and enables a rapid turnaround of enquiries. The software also acts to generate the internal build documentation.