Motions and Drives

From a humble soft start or AC inverter to a sophisticated multi axis interpolating system, we have the skills in-house and a broad range of application experience.

Servo Motors

Servo Systems

The motion controller can be PLC base for a machine or process that requires other sequential operations or it can be a standalone unit capable of up to 256 axes. We have experience in a broad range of functions including interpolation, master–slave, e-cam and multi axis synchronisation. Our skills enable us to look at the full solution from the start of the process and the selection and sizing of the drives and controller, to the commissioning and hand over to production. Frequency inverters are used primarily to provide speed control for electric motors but, there are additional benefits provided in the form of energy savings and the reduction of the mechanical demand on the equipment (shock, torque limiting). The more sophisticated inverters can also be used to provide sequential control (Digital IO), network functions and embedded safety functions.

Soft Start

Soft Start Units

Frequently a soft start unit is chosen to replace a simple starter unit. The most obvious benefit is the start-up and stop cycle can be controlled which will reduce the mechanical impact or shock on the equipment. The controller will also act to limit the in-rush current and provide energy savings. We can assist with the selection of a suitable soft start unit to suit your application and the supply, integration and commissioning of the device.