OEE Data Collection

The collection of real time data from the shop floor and the analysis and presentation of this data to production control has become increasingly important if a manufacturing plant is to achieve its optimum performance. OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness or Overall Equipment Efficiency) is a widely used system of analysis and is expressed as a percentage, with 85% being considered as a world class standard.

OEE Calculation

How OEE is Calculated

OEE % = Availability x Performance Rate x Quality rate
Availability = Operating Time / Planned Production Time
Performance Rate = Pieces produced/Ideal Rate x Operating Time
Quality Rate = Good Pieces / Pieces Produced

OEE Data Collection

Data Collection

For new machinery or equipment it is relatively easy at the point of purchase to request that OEE data is made available from the machine control system. This data can then be extracted and delivered to a database where OEE can be calculated. However, for older equipment that can be more difficult. We have developed a number of solutions ranging from interface devices that communicate from data memories within the machine PLC, to a simple modification of the existing PLC software to operate digital outputs. Once the data has been extracted from the machine controllers it is then exported to a database where the values can be manipulated and the OEE rate calculated.