PLC Based

The PLC is the workhorse of industrial control systems and automation equipment. Modern PLCs are robust and reliable, offering the perfect solution for sequential control of automated systems. We have fitted thousands of PLCs to systems ranging from micro controllers used to replace the traditional relay logic circuits, through to distributed systems within process plants.



Micro PLCs

For even the most limited sequential operation, we have found it is cost effective to fit a micro PLC rather than use a hard wired logic. Through software, the PLC provides the opportunity to adjust or amend the sequence. We have developed processes to rapidly specify, design, build and bench test PLC systems so that a solution can be provided quickly and competitively, particularly if using our preferred range of component parts.

Distibuted Intelligence

Centralised or Distributed Intelligence

For larger PLC based systems the control system can be configured to two styles. A centralised master PLC can be used, communicating with each element of the machine or process, or we can use a distributed intelligence configuration where multiple PLCs are fitted to various elements of the equipment. Each of these then reports back to the one PLC deemed to be the master. The distributed intelligence type tends to have a slightly higher cost but is more convenient and flexible.


Distributed IO Systems

The distributed IO systems is generally used where the equipment is spread over greater distances. Running cabling between each element and the PLC panel can be can be costly, difficult or untidy. A distributed system enables IO modules to be sited local to each machine element communicating back to the master PLC on a network system (EtherCAT, PROFIBUS-DP, DeviceNet, CompoNet etc).