Vision Inspection

Automatic inspection of products as they are being produced provides process confidence and reduces the potential for volume failed parts. We often integrate vision systems onto existing machinery or process lines and provide a further automation system to take action, should a failed part be detected. As an authorised Omron Integrator and Premier Distribution Partner, we are particularly familiar with the Omron range of vision systems but we also have experience using Cognex and Keyence units.

Easy Vision

Easy Vision

The Omron Easy Vision range of equipment can be regarded as an intelligent sensor with immense functionality. It is quick to set up and starts at less than £1,000. These units are ideal for component part presence checking, colour inspection, simple checking and measurements etc.

Vision System

Vision Inspection Systems

The Omron Xpectia range is suitable for a more demanding application where sophisticated functions are required; high resolution, real colour sensing and 3D functionality.

Barcode Reader

Code Reading

Auto barcode or 2D code reading is easily achieved where you need to confirm that a product has reached a particular point in a process or to capture test data against a specific product.